Dramatic Television Anthology Series

(CBS from November 7, 1948 to September 29, 1958)

STUDIO ONE began as a radio show on CBS in 1947, then became the network's first dramatic anthology show in 1948.   The series was the most literate of the time, adapting many novels, plays and short stories to television.  It was the only anthology series to regularly present Shakespeare plays.

STUDIO ONE is one of the big reasons "The Golden Age of Television" is known as such.

The show originally aired on CBS from November 7, 1948 to March 11, 1949 under the title, STUDIO ONE, until Westinghouse became the permanent sponsor.  It then aired as  WESTINGHOUSE STUDIO ONE until September 26, 1957and as WESTINGHOUSE STUDIO ONE IN HOLLYWOOD from September 23, 1957 to September 29, 1958.