Comedy Television Series

(NBC from January 2, 1955 to September 25, 1955)
(CBS from July, 1955 to September 19, 1957)
(NBC from September 24, 1957 to September 15, 1959)

The romantic misadventures of Bob Collins, a suave and sophisticated bachelor photographer in Hollywood, who always has plenty of pretty girls hanging around. He lives with his widowed sister and her son, who is always trying to cut in on Uncle Bob's female action, though he has a nice girl of his own. Bob often plays two parts--himself and his girl-crazy Grandpa. Bob Cummings directed most of the episodes. 

This was a fairly racy television show for the late 1950's, however in contemporary terms, it's fairly mild.   It's loaded with sexual innuendo and libidinous subtext.  The main character is a charming, shallow womanizer whose nephew idolizes--and tries to emulate--him.  The show often makes fun of the lead character's sexual ideology, but is still fairly sexist, reflecting society's attitude toward women at the time.

There is some dispute on the main series directors.  Some reference sources say Bob Cummings directed most episodes, other say it was Rod Amateau.  There were other directors as well.  When there is definitive information on the director of any particular episode, it is listed in the episode description.

The show aired on NBC from January 2, 1955 to September 25, 1955. Then moved to CBS in July of 1955 where it stayed until September 19, 1957. After which it moved back to NBC on September 24, 1957 and ran to September 15, 1959. 


Robert Cummings           Bob Collins, Josh Collins (Bob's Grandfather)
Rosemary DeCamp        Margaret MacDonald (Bob's Sister)
Ann B. Davis                    Charmaine "Schultzy" Schultz
Dwayne Hickman            Chuck MacDonald (Bob's Nephew)
Lyle Talbot                        Paul Fonda
Nancy Kulp                       Pamela Livingstone
Lisa Gaye                         Collette DeBois
King Donovan                  Harvey Helm (1955-1958)
Ingrid Goude                    Herself, Miss Sweden 1956 (1957-1958)
Carol Henning                 Olive Sturgess (1956-1957)
Diane Jergens                 Francine Williams (1955-1956)
Joi Lansing                      Shirley Swanson (1956-1959)
Mary Lawrence                Mrs. Harvey Helm (1955-58)
Tammy Lee Marihugh    Tammy Johnson (1959)
Gloria Marshall                Mary Beth Hall (1956-1957)
Bill Baldwin Sr.               Announcer (voice)

Announcer:             Bill Baldwin Sr.

Main Series Directors:     
Bob Cummings (Principal Director)
                                                Rodney (Rod) Amateau

                 Paul Henning

Writers:                      Paul Henning
                                    Shirl  Gordon 
                                    William Cowley 
                                    Dick Wesson

Production Company:  Laumarc Prod.