Dramatic Television Anthology Series

(CBS from October 7, 1954 to June 26, 1958)

CLIMAX, a long-running dramatic series, aired on CBS during the 1950's, running from October 1954 to June of 1958.  Co-host Mary Costa joined long-time host William Lundigan in the summer of 1956.  Each week a one-hour drama originated from the CBS Studios.  During the early years all broadcasts were done live.  As the years progressed it became difficult to maintain that schedule and filmed, then later video taped, episodes were introduced.  Live shows were never fully replaced, with many live episodes airing in the final year of it's run.

Producers:   Bretaigne Windust (1954-1955)
                        Martin Manulis (1955-1956)
                        Edgar Peterson (1955-1957)                       

Sponsor:      Chrysler Corporation

Hosts:           William Lundigan
                        Mary Costa (Pitchwoman through mid-1956, then co-host 1956-1957)

Announcer:    Art Gilmore